R.I.P. funky McDonald’s

roadside zombies

Even though I travel a lot, I do enjoy hanging—and walking—around my home turf. It greatly annoys my husband, but I like to take the same walks over and over—and over—in my neighborhood. I enjoy these walks because you see something new each time. Maybe it’s how the light shines on a building during different times of day, or how paint colors change when someone purchases a home. Perhaps it’s as small as a new flower blooming, or as big as someone starting a building renovation.

During a walk last Saturday, it was funny and sad to notice one landmark—a gorgeous stone Victorian home—undergoing renovation while another perished under the bulldozers a few blocks away. The other landmark? The crazy two-story McDonald’s from the 1970s or 1980s. Why would I call it a landmark? It was a funky McDonald’s, of course.

Why are funky chain buildings considered landmarks?

Think about…

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